Always and forever

Hey,I'm Marcella!(21 y.o student from the Republic of Moldova) Love life....the beauty of the nature and honesty in people; Team Klaroline ;Team Daniel Gillies and Team Elijah Mikaelson Always and Forever! also Team Kol;Rebekah,Damon;Stefan;Klaus;Team The Originals!(Elijah+whomever he loves and makes him happy); Love The Originals ,Supernatural,TVD ,LOST & other good shows) Nr.1Adidction:Elijah Mikaelson/Daniel Gillies
  • Gia: He is gonna help me.
  • Marcel: Yeah, He is gonna help us all.
  • and is it me or does Gia look smitten/inlove with Elijah?her smile when she was talking to Marcel about him though)


You remain ever the wise counsel, brother.
The rest of the family could learn something from you.

  • Elijah: Second lesson of the day, acquisition through mind compulsion.
  • Gia: How the hell do I do mind compulsion?

If this is your idea of a joke, I can assure you I’m not amused.

—Elijah (via katsmeoworiginal)